Recently, my artistic impulses have led me deeper into abstraction.  I began studying and reading that abstract painting only began a little more than 100 years ago.  Before that artists felt compelled to paint objects or landscapes or historical events.  When a small group of European and American artists strayed from painting objects or events, it was an earthshaking revelation. I wonder how it must have felt back then.  Now, 100 years later, I want to explore abstraction in the 21st Century.  I have begun to focus on the line, the shape, the colors and their relationships, and the overall impression that the painting gives.  Color is no longer just for coloring an object.  The line is no longer just the guide to painting an object.  Color and line become the form itself, and create the shape and dimension.  And, in the end, I want the viewer to use their imagination and explore where the painting takes them.