The Kachina Spirits of the Night Series explores three of my favorite subjects.  The first is the Night Sky.  Since childhood, I have enjoyed watching the stars, planets and moon at night.  In recent years, I have the studied the passion of the Anasazi and the Chaco culture in watching the moon and stars,  searching for its meaning for their culture.

My study of the Shamans and the Kachina are represented in the various depictions of the Kachina Masks in each of these large paintings.

The third concept that I incorporate into these paintings is my exploration of Cubism.  Just a little more than one hundred years ago, Post-Impressionist Masters like Picasso, Juan Gris, Georges Braque and Albert Gleizes began to break down their paintings into individual pieces, and rejoining them in uniquely different ways.  One critic described the paintings as a series of little cubes, hence the name Cubism.  One of the elements missing from all of the Cubist Masters is paintings of the sky.  I decided to break into my vision of the sky and paint it in the Cubist fashion.