New works are added regularly as the paintings are completed, and added to my webpage.  Periodically, they will be removed.  Always, the paintings are in the categories that most reflect the type of work.  Feel free to email me for more information about the new works. Or, if you are inclined, I would love your comments and feedback.  2022 has been an active and productive year for me.  With each new painting, I have tried to stretch my technique, expand my knowledge and use of color, and experiment with new watercolor materials. The year 2021 and the isolation and quarantine of the pandemic brought my new series of paintings entitled the Tesuque Moon Series, following inspiration from the FLOWERS FOR SANTA FE PROJECT of the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund. The year 2022 dawned with our move from Tesuque, New Mexico to Corrales, New Mexico.  I have studied and researched abstraction and explored my own take on abstraction in watercolor.  Join me for further adventures of the imagination. Cheers.