Tesuque Moon was new in 2021, and continues in 2022.  It began with my participation in the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund project called FLOWERS FOR SANTA FE.  During the pandemic of 2020, it was a terrible time of sickness, hospitalization, quarantine and fear.  I learned that, due to the severe health restrictions, families were barred from visits with the sick and elderly, and barred from sending flowers to loved ones. People in hospitals and other medical facilities reported the intense  feeling of loneliness and abandonment. I reached out to the artists of the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund and we painted flower paintings for the residents and patients of the hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Santa Fe.  We simply gave the paintings away, asking nothing in return.  The artists of Santa Fe wanted to say thanks and show appreciation to the town that supports us.

Because of the quarantine, and self-imposed isolation, my garden in Tesuque became my subject for flower paintings.  I encouraged other artists to “think outside the box”, use materials and paint they wouldn’t normally use, and paint with freedom and abandon.  Taking my own advice, I  began to paint with a broader palette of green, and integrated it with the colors and images of my Tesuque Garden. I continued to explore Cubism and Abstraction. I pushed the watercolor paint to its limits exploring a whole new concept of colors, shapes, images and expression.  Since the Moon often rises from the East over my garden, Tesuque Moon is meaningful to me.  My newest piece in 2022, a round painting, “I Heard The Song That Nature Sings”, has become a centerpiece for my website.